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Are you a Phubber?

Speaking to everybody is one’s own language could be considered one of the best communication skills. An uphill task it must be as one has to be quite well-versed even with different terminologies in the same language. Though I can’t claim to have mastered the skill, I most certainly try it to the best of my ability. However, the other day, I was just searching for words to (politely) ask my brother to change his habits of abruptly cutting the call. I was used to the same with my mother. Anytime I call her, the first thing I tell her is, “Hold the phone.” When I observed the same pattern with my brother, I was wondering how I would convey it to him. I would probably say, “Hold the mobile, tab, iphone, note…” Earlier when there were no phones, people said, ‘Hold the wire’. Even before, it was “Hold the circuitry’. Language, being a reflection of the contemporary culture, evolves accommodating new words. Wait, it’s not evolution of language or communication skills that we are discussi…