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A small sip

Sheer look can get you hooked! Though it holds true everywhere, we are talking about nicely displayed delectable delicacies. Mouthwatering dishes tempt you and it’s a temptation you would barley want to resist. Otherwise, why would Oscar Wilde say, ‘I can resist everything except temptation’? Of course, there are a few folks who are trying to resist everything in the enlightening enterprise called control. Thus, those who have exercised such control or mustered a greater courage of not surrendering to temptations will not be lured. More than exercising control, I am more into the natural side of the matter. Food temptation, especially dessert, comes intrinsically to me and any resistance is naturally ruled out. My love for ‘healthy’ food provides a thoughtful junk to chew along with its nutrients. Of late, my affair with smoothies lasted a little longer; rather it simply refused to die down. Smoothies! Connoisseurs know what I am talking about. A healthy beverage topped with finely chop…

A must read autobiography of a writer

A few letters scribbled here and there, some blank spaces, many pauses…sentences evenly spaced out. So many smilies! I didn’t want to judge the book by its cover as it made a point through a refrain; read between the lines….    This autobiography by an anonymous author arrested my attention. I wouldn’t call the auto-biographer (a self –coined term) an author as the person made it specifically clear that his/her bonding with writing was strong but that person didn’t  want to be recognised as a writer. Perhaps, the very term writer denotes typical name and fame; the trap which doesn’t belong to writing. Writing throws light on innermost thoughts in the deep caverns of mind. Yes, a lot of this writing had rather come from an unconscious mind! No wonder the book had no specific structure, no theme, no characters. It wasn’t the story of anyone yet it was everyman’s narrative.    The autobiographer had a lot to tell. A few success stories and some were written off… While I turned pages, I real…