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Postpartum bouncing back

First things first! The last part of the series, A New Mother’s Version, will talk about bouncing back after birth. However, this talk exclusively relates to mothers and not children. Secondly, it’s not a parenting guide and to me, it’s too early to talk about a child’s upbringing. Though nothing qualifies me to talk about shaping a child, yet all I can say is that it is pertinent for a mother to stay in the best physical and mental shape. Resuming a routine or starting a new one is a daunting task. The child is bound to be an integral part of new mother’s life for the next decade and the balancing act is inevitable.  Timeframe to bouncing back will differ from person to person. Some may prefer to start it at very first month whereas it may take a couple of years to a few. It’s every mother’s discretion how long does she want to wait and devote time for a child or start it right away. Again, here we aren’t talking about just working moms. Bouncing back post-childbirth doesn’t absolu…