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In the course of learning…

Each of us would love lessons that transcend halls of learning. Nevertheless, we value a piece of paper that awards us degree than ‘life lessons.’ Better we would reserve the next two quarters of life for such learning unlike Oscar Wilde says, “I wasted one-fourth of my life in education learning how to waste the next three-fourth.” Thus, the moment we enroll for a professional course, the sword of rich rewards and job prospects is hanging against our hefty investment. Declaimer: returns and investments are subject to individual perception!
Alas, learning is not possible when so much is at stake, time and monetary investment, scholarships, job prospects, competition, reputed institute, campus interviews…man the list is endless. Those who have bagged the job would enroll for some course for upgradation and learning takes a backseat again…we all know how tough it is to balance this tightrope walk.
As my life wasn’t any different from a Plain Jane whose life was not as aspirational and c…

You or me?

You or me?
Which came first, a chicken or an egg, a man or a woman? Well these could be among the world’s unsolved riddles but they aren’t the only. Perhaps, a tougher one is; you or me? All our lives, we have spoken and heard this refrain, why should I? This question mark, we think, puts an end to everything and yes, here it all begins.
Put the ball in other’s court and we are ready for the blame-game…
Of late, I was drawn to many such you-and-me conversations. One such incident made aware of the whole affair that boils down to you or me. The other day, I came across an acquaintance who praised her ‘trustworthy’ maid. She said we could even hand over the house keys to her and go anywhere. She also said that the maid went an extra mile to work beyond KRAs at times! Thus, whenever I heard housewives cribbing about ‘untrustworthy’ maids, I put forth this example. “I am ready to trust a maid provided I get one,” one of them once promptly told me. Her problem was ‘genuine’ as she had put t…

A bird’s eye view

It could fly high and live in its own paradise. Yet catching us unawares, this winged wonder alighted in our home. An eclectic mix of a love-bird and a parrot, this beautiful guest chose to stay a little longer than we expected.  We refused to cage his freedom, and yes, he too, didn’t find an escape route out of the open windows and doors.
Living with a bird could be indeed different! The little birdy made his existence felt with his chirpy little sound.  This was the guest we perhaps loved the most. It found its own space on the bars, ceiling fan, windows and corners of the home. No ego issues, no welcome and no arrangements. The birdy was much more self-sufficient! Happy with a few grains, he ate little…we tried many offerings, yet he stuck to his healthier grain. Though his food was open whole day, he ate only when he was hungry. No indulgence!
Needless to say, he was an early bird who woke up with sunrise. Flying all over the home and playing with caned sofa and a wooden chair; he…