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All about me

I would like to speak something about myself today. A lot is often written on this platform about global trends, politics, economy and stuff. Why not use the platform to talk about me? My routine, my thinking, my viewpoints and opinions, my ambitions, my future plans and yes, some ‘me’ moments. Are you interested? Oh, most of you must be thinking I must not be having an Instagram account or a high quality mobile phone camera with a selfie application, so I need to ‘talk’ about it. I have neither of them. And there is no denying the fact that a selfie can speak thousand words than this long description.
Selfies uploaded on several social networking sites keep our circle perfectly posted on what we are up to.  Selfie syndrome has taken the world by storm and at the same time, it’s also perceived as a dangerous trend, according to psychologists and socialists. To me, what looks dangerous isn’t a natural selfie but a deliberate attempt to display ‘all is well’.
I would be lying to say I wo…