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My dear monsoon,

This parched state needs you much more than it ever did. As you played hide and seek the last year, you know how much you are awaited. And in spite of waiting so much, I want you to arrive at my convenience! Every time, when it’s time for my office, I would rather pray you hold on till I reach the place. I am sure many do it as during monsoons, most office talks revolve around how successfully people escape rains!! The one getting drenched is rather an unlucky fellow. It’s almost June end and have still left us high and dry yet we want you, at our own sweet time. None can get more ironical than the man! 
For the past couple of years, I really don’t remember it raining cats and dogs. Now I particularly miss it as it’s been many years I haven’t seen the downpour. And today, in urbanized India, it just spells traffic jams, waterlogged roads, delayed trains and flood like situation even normal rains.
Maybe those sylvan surroundings, lush greenery, small waterfalls are confined mere to cou…

Out of thin (h)air

After a lot of hairsplitting, I finally zeroed in a haircut that I thought would give me a ‘different look’. To specify, I also downloaded a cute picture of a young lass to give a clear-cut idea to a hairdresser.  The picture happened to be of the girl featured in a 4G advertisement. While I thought I had done something innovative, the 4G cut was the norm in the parlor! Nevertheless, my hairdresser looked a little worked up. She looked at the picture and said, “Your face is broad and this cut might not suit you.” I insisted still I wanted it. Later on, she complained that my hair was too thin.
I told her to go ahead and do whatever suits me. Maybe that made her comfortable. After finishing off the job, she said she had delivered her best yet failed to give me that ‘picture perfect’ look. I told her it was okay as I knew I was never going to look like the girl in the picture. I also made a passing remark, “If your clients expect to look like someone, make it categorically clear they wil…