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Off the mark (!)

It was a big day for the family members of the little one.  The household had some get-together organised. Yes, it coincided with the result of the toddler! It was probably her first year at the school. Needless to say, like all, this baby had managed to pass with flying colours.  The scorecard was catchy. It enlisted little lass’ achievement. It also described in detail how the baby participated in school activities.  Come on, after all, it was a kindergarten. Grades don’t matter. The school knows. Parents know. Yet there was a scorecard. The family concluded that finally the little one had learnt to share and also acquired ‘necessary social skills’. As the guests arrived for the get-together, they also had a look at the scorecard. All of them said grades don’t matter. Yet they read it carefully. Some said it’s immaterial. Some said it’s a beginning of a bright future. Some had a word of caution, here is the real beginning and studies are tough now on. Yes, all of them were talking a…

What can I say?

What sounds logical? A.‘New mothers should quit their job and be with their children for initial years’  B.‘As expenses mount after child, a mother needs work even more post-delivery’
Was she right? A. ‘In spite of being tortured, she pulled on with stressful marital relationship and things look alright in her life. She made a right decision’ B.‘Fed up with abusive relationship, she finally gathered courage to call it quits. She is more peaceful now’.
Your answer decides what kind of person you are. A (in both cases):  You are opinionated and judgmental, conventional B (in both cases):  You are liberal If AB and BA: You have a personality disorder (?) It’s not a quiz, don’t jump to conclusions. Well, don’t merely dismiss it as some gossip. Perhaps, gossip is something that always happens to others. What happens to you is always a serious matter. In above cases, there is nothing logical and right per se, but again that’s according to me. I am sure you, too, have something to say. Today, …