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A window wonder

Finally I managed to take out those few moments with a book that was pending for years…flipping through a few pages, spending that maximum time gazing through the window side…I read little and still window gave a glimpse of the words written between the lines Windows… they often offer vibrant hues and myriad moods of the world. Yes, the windows, the Microsoft giant Bill Gates refers to as something ‘to see through’. What is a room with a view without a wonderful window? Sylvan surroundings, bountiful beaches, chirping sounds of birds or that beautiful full bloom, it’s a window wonder, right? Anytime when you are little down or elated, just stand by the side of window sipping your evening or morning cup of coffee, windows are likely to have a calming effect on you. I have always found windows soothing. They are natural air conditioners. Allowing a fresh breeze of air inside, windows are the vigilant ventilators opening doors to the whirlwinds of thoughts suffocated into the proverbial …