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Distance leads to enchantment

Education helps one learn new things, I always believed. At the same time, I just couldn’t deny the independent existence of learning irrespective of formal and informal education avenues. That’s why we should really appreciate the idea of ‘distance education’ that enables many to learn. Maybe, it is intended for those who have finished education but still want to learn. Nevertheless the idea of ‘distance education student’ may not always be a welcome one in a formal university setup. I had been taking a similar experience for over a year ever since I opted for a yoga course at a varsity near Bengaluru. Yes, there was no discrimination or distinction between regular and distance students per se yet eyebrows were certainly raised the moment one revealed one’s identity as a ‘distance education student’! And what these two separate watertight compartments, regular and distance students, thought of each other was equally interesting. The divisions were clear cut yet the views were striking…