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Post 99

“Finally, I am hitting the landmark with my 100th post”, I told myself while writing this. And at the same time, I had to remind myself this was post number 99. Yes, numbers don’t count yet it’s a measure that denotes how closer one is to the finishing line. And you know it! The about-to-finish-off stage ligers more than expected. Maybe, when we are just a step away from touching the finish line, we have already exhausted our energy and enthusiasm we had invested to be there.
Of course, to me, none of these sorts have happened reaching 100. It wasn’t a target so writing knows no destination (!).  I don’t get along with figures yet 100 is a kind of figure someone would barley miss. So I planned to make it a special one and here was I talking about it just on post number 99. The about-to-finish-off stage appeared more intriguing than touching the finish line itself.
There are many things that go while reaching the target. About-to-finish-off greets us with an eclectic feeling of being cl…