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I am nice person…

Am I a nice person? Oh, each of us is trying to be one. Let me tell you I decided to be one. After all, it was just a matter of decision. Of course, each of you, who knows me directly, is entitled to one’s own opinion. According to me, I had become a nice, ‘balanced’ and a level-headed (?) person!
It might have taken some time for others to understand that degree of ‘transition’ in me yet it was evident. I didn’t throw tantrums. I never raised my voice out of anger. My voice pitch is naturally high, it’s a different story. I was always kind to both all sorts of people, nice and nasty. Yes, I returned nastiness with nicety.
With the sudden change, it was nice to meet a ‘New Me’. That New Me was gentle, as fresh as daisy always. That New Me was smiling even things didn’t go the way she planned. That smile was like a magic wand as they say, smile and the world smiles at you. New Me didn’t blame others. Instead of asking “Have you not understood what I said?” she asked “Am I making myself…