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Dan Brown Origin revisited

Dan Brown Origin revisited
God created man in his own image. And man, being a gentleman, returned the favor…
And yes, Dan Brown, most certainly, has extended us this fervour with his latest title, Origin. And heregoesmy maiden book review. Let’s be clear at the very outset, I may not adhere to the norms (?) that go with the conventional book reviews and secondly, I am clear, Dan Brown’s readership doesn’t depend on my viewpoint! That frees me as a book reviewer and writer.
Right from the word go, Dan Brown thriller is all here to ‘shatter the foundations of religions that have been haunting human race ever since its dawn’. The author does a remarkable job in delivering what he has set out for, ‘shaking foundations to the core’. As it’s an outspoken thriller, Origin is gripping and enthralling that keeps your curiosity alive till the last page of the book. ‘What Next?’ Brown doesn’t let you down on this.
Brown must have given a rise to the new genre of fiction called ‘Brown Fiction’. No…