Just like that

I can tell it on oath. It hurts. You show them the way to do things in style but lo! They cling to the oft-beaten roads leaving you to wonder what stuff they are made of. Well, we don’t expect anything in close relationships. At least, all preachers go hoarse trying to convince us that we shouldn’t. Let’s be human. It’s perfectly okay to expect compatible return gestures and it hurts when they don’t come.
We aren’t expected to be Gods or saints always and so, let’s be human. Our expectations are justified when they aren’t outlandish. A few of us know the art of giving sweet surprises to close ones. Especially when it’s all been morose, if not sad, surprises offer succor. Doing so, we show how life can be beautiful. Such people hoard happiness and nice things within and bring them out at right moments.
I am talking about people gifted with the knack art making everyone happy on special days. Agreed, not everyone could be like this nor would each person know how to unfold surprises. But on getting sweet surprises on numerous occasions, aren’t we expected to return gestures? Those who have seldom stepped out of their shells may be all at sea initially. However, on being shown the right way, can’t they follow suit?
No saintly advice of not having expectations, please. It’s human to expect return gestures. Let’s not shy away from agreeing that we want people to be nice to us when we are to them. When we have been with them in good and bad times, it’s perfectly fine to expect them acknowledge it. Is it our responsibility alone to be sensible and sensitive? At any point, nothing can be one-sided, right from business to relationships to success. That’s why return gestures are necessary.
After giving your best to everything and everyone, don’t feel guilty while expecting returns. They may expect you to be gods but let’s be good human beings first. If no one is keeping accounts for you, you need keep it yourself. It may hurt you when return gestures don’t come but you will never lose count of your good gestures.
Be proud of possessing the art of giving sweet surprises. Others may not value what you have done but still they won’t be able to devalue your initiatives.
Nicety may not be reciprocated every single time but every good gesture will make you more human. And don’t forget to remember and reciprocate.
- KanChan



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