Amiably Arrogant!

I have always been a team person, as a child and also as a professional. I get along well with people and every time I couldn’t, I would invariably make sure my dislike or discomfort didn’t permeate into a group. I believe that cordial attitude graces every interpersonal relationship. Weirdness on part of an individual weakens the bond. The boding that apparently seems stronger is often fragile. It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for fragility and not stretch it to an extent where it will break.
Right from schools and families to workplaces, we have teams and groups. In childhood, innocence binds us no matter what differences. Tiny tots living in a neighbourhood or studying in the same school become good friends in no time. As we grow, our likes and dislikes determine our social relationships. As we get into the profession, we have do deal with people in a team. These are all interpersonal relationships. One has to have a sociable attitude to keep the bonding going and when an individual fails to do it, it spells trouble for him and also for others.
Recently I witnessed a couple of incidents that showed fragility of interpersonal relationships. A friend of mine started behaving strangely in her family and also in our group. On asking about the reason, she said she was cheated professionally by a trusted colleague and started believing the world was selfish. The blame lies as much with the person who passed on the negativity as with my friend who continued the chain!
We may not like something but while expressing our displeasure or discomfort, do we realise we harm interpersonal bonds? Here go four friends who set up a business. All was well as all of them strove to maintain cordial relationships despite differences. One of them felt he was getting a raw deal and started shirking his responsibility. And in the process, hit the camaraderie hard. He triggered bitterness, which became a vicious circle. Things soon came to such a pass that these partners wouldn’t see eye-to-eye. Business folded up and more importantly, a beautiful bond was broken forever.
It happened to me once when I was talking about a dream project in one of my groups. A sudden weird reaction from a person tore me apart. I experienced fragility of the interpersonal bond from close quarters.
Learning my lessons from these people, I have decided not to let my feelings play a spoilsport. I try my best to keep the bonding firm.
It’s always tricky when it comes to interpersonal relationships. In a team or a group, not all are expected to think alike but still everybody must strive to maintain affable attitude that binds one and all. This bonding is so delicate that crankiness on anyone’s part disturbs the tempo. We emit ripples of our thinking and at least, on our part, let’s make sure we emit positive energy. One cannot control others but we can do it with ourselves. If everyone is truthful to oneself, every human being can cordially connect to others. Interpersonal bonding should be paramount. 


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