The show must go on…

If you want to check out how practical and realistic you are, try to answer this question honestly. What difference does your absence make to the world? Everyone knows the world doesn’t stop, as it has to move on. The answer doesn’t matter; what’s more important is how much you take it in your stride.
This delicate question was raised by one of my closest kin who had dropped in with her wedding invitation. Unfortunately, an important meeting was lined up on the day of her wedding and I told her I wouldn’t be able attend the event. She was adamant on my making it. “Will your wedding stop if I don’t attend?” I was just pulling her leg but she was serious. She counter-questioned, “You know your office work too wouldn’t wait for you. Well, my wedding will take place but still I would be glad if you attend.”  
Time comes where we feel that we are needed everywhere. It’s a nice feeling yet, it’s the truth that the world doesn’t stop for us and this is the universal rule applicable to each individual. It’s something one often gets to experience in the corporate world and we do see it in the newspaper office everyday. No matter who is present or not, the edition has to roll. It’s a plain truth but it becomes a problem when it starts bothering you. Look at the so-called ‘corporately conscious’ professionals. Well-dressed, articulate and amicable they are because they are aware of the role they are playing in a company’s growth. Those who are wise know that the company will continue to grow without them. However, many still seem finding it tough to digest it.
I witnessed two such cases recently. Both are reasonably performing professionals with a multinational brand. They were expecting handsome raises and promotions but somehow luck didn’t smile on them for four years in a row. The fifth year, when they were high on hope but learnt that as per the company policy, there would be no promotions happening that year. One of them, a levelheaded person, took it matter-of-factly. However, the other was terribly upset and argued with the management only to hear that the door was open if he didn’t find himself growing. It was too much for his ego to hear that things wouldn’t change if he called it quits.
A good friend of mine, who was going to start his own business, offered me partnership. When I explained my inability to join him full-time, he said, “With you or without you, this new venture would be a grand success.” This is how it should be, isn’t it? 
No one is indispensable and corporate bosses make no bones about talking the truth out whenever needed. Why confine it to professional matters alone? This attitude may greet us everywhere. Still why get disheartened? Perhaps, we become shallow and live in our cocoons thinking that what we do is the best. There are always bigger and better things. Once you know it, nothing can be de-motivating.
Here’s a fish from the ocean that visited a well. It met a frog. The frog asked him how big was the ocean. The fish said it was too huge. The frog asked, “Is your ocean bigger than this well?” The fish was astonished. How can one compare a well with an ocean? Poor frog! How does he know what ocean is if he has never seen it?
Those who feel they are indispensable are like this frog in the well. However, one should not lose heart over being dispensable. It shouldn’t stop anyone from delivering the best. After all, we don’t work for others but ourselves. We don’t need anyone else to tell us how important we are.
An individual could be too small to make a difference to the big world but everyone can make a difference to own life. The show must and will go on, but yes, when a contribution is significant, that individual’s presence will always be felt.


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