A little glamorous and a lot more clamorous; it’s a special day for those who want to cut a fine figure. There looks a strong build up around this numerologically unique date, 12-12-12, thanks to media hype and deep-rooted belief in auspicious occasions. Not being a person into astrology or numerology, it was very unlikely for me to keep tab on these types of dates. In spite of this, being a social animal, I had to take note of something happening around.
I had too many programmes to attend this month and a few days ahead of 12-12-12, I was just taking scanning invitation cards. I suddenly found myself lost while making a wise choice. I failed to understand why too many programmes were scheduled on one single day.  With most of them must-attends, I was thinking of ways to make it humanly possible. As it that was not enough, I got a call from a close friend saying she was planning to arrange her wedding reception on the same day!
Discussions pertaining to this day greeted me everywhere. Adding to hullabaloo, some asked me my opinion about planning a programme on the day. I had nothing to say, as I knew nothing special about it. All I could say was: yes, it’s a memorable date. In spite of the hype, I was sure I would never tread that path.
Being the last such date of the century, many weddings, receptions and inaugural ceremonies were slated for 12-12-12. What was more intriguing was expectant parents’ keenness to give birth to a baby on the special day. There sure seemed something to the day!
On 12-12-12, I spotted a senior citizen in my neighbourhood with a swollen face. “Good morning,” I greeted him. His response was shocking. “It could be the last morning in your and my life.” According to him, some astrologers had predicted 12-12-12 as the end of the world!!!! What do I say?
The friend who was planning to have her wedding reception on 12-12-12 called me up again seeking advice on postponing it. The reason for postponement: Her family members were opposed to the date as it was ‘Amavasya’ and the planetary positioning was unfavorable. What do I say?
A majority seems to believe in astrology and numerology. Well, it’s a matter of personal choice.  One must stand firm by one’s beliefs, no matter what.
I neither believe nor disbelieve this. It simply doesn’t occur to me. Neither I am in a position to debate its validity nor do I wish to. However, I am sure there are many like me out there. And nothing changes for us; life becomes plain and simple, thinking remains uncomplicated.


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