Turning a new leaf …

A replacement is always a replacement; it can never be the original. It’s difficult to get over the loss of persons and even things close to you. I was feeling a lot more disconnected when I lost my mobile. One is bound to feel a vacuum when something or someone close departs forever. Not that cellphone was something I couldn’t do without but it was the one that accompanied me everywhere every time. It was something I was too used to if not fond of…
It wasn’t mere mobile, what I had lost was a treasure trove of memories. Encouraging words, some heated debates, a few magnificent moments captured in its tiny camera, a huge collection of songs, professional contacts, it was all there.
My new phone was smarter and slicker yet I couldn’t connect to it. A dead device without life, that’s how it appeared. I couldn’t get that ‘my’ feel. I felt helpless…something was amiss …
What I had lost with the phone was part of my personality. Things it had stored spoke a lot of traits, likes and dislikes. It was pulsating with passion. It hadn’t remained an instrument as I had poured life into it. It had heard everything I had to say and captured all I wanted to cherish. It was like a mirror, which showed my reflection. At times a companion and at other, a mute spectator, it was a witness to every detail. From diet charts, quotes, dictionary, radios to birthday reminders, it was some thing I would turn to when in need.
Honestly, emotions ran high the moment I learnt I had lost my cellphone. I was in no mood to accept it. I was never addicted to it but the nightmare of losing everything I had consciously stored was haunting me like anything. Of course, there were times when I kept it aside deliberately. When it was my time, I didn’t even allow it to invade my personal space. It was nowhere to be seen nearby when I was asleep, reading or writing. On holidays, I never touched it. Still it was more than just a phone.
I still miss it but life has to move on. It’s time I start breathing life into the new device. This phone, too, will throb with vibrancy. Die every moment and start new life the next, they say. The joy of creating something new is lot more than brooding over bygones.
Soon, I will get to used to the phone….And let’s not forget, a replacement also has its originality.


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