Sometimes, it’s okay!!!

It is said that you become what you think. Take it a step ahead and you know you become what you are told! For a few years, I preferred to stick to a definite schedule because I ‘thought’ it was good. I frequently heard from others though that it was a little boring. For those ‘free-spirited’ folks, following the same routine could be tedious. They felt it spoke of a conventional mindset and advised I needed to add a little spice to my life! I didn’t pay too much heed to them but I found their comments interesting.
When the need for a break is unanimously imposed from all quarters, we tend to take it for real and do things differently. If you are an early riser and someone tells you need to sleep well, the next day, nothing can arouse you out of slumber. Maybe, you would find yourself too ‘fatigued’, home food would taste ‘mundane’, serious stuff could appear ‘uninteresting’ and the routine drive too ‘taxing’.  I had one such odd day when I had drastically deviated from my routine and was more in a relaxed mood.
That day the heat fuelled my decision to take an auto as I unnecessarily felt it was too hot on a two-wheeler. My decision took me much longer, as the autowallah made it a point to choose the road with maximum signals! Scorching sun seemed burning two-wheeler riders and pedestrians while I was cooling (?) in the autorickshaw. With its engine running, hot blast of wind greeted me all through! Traffic cues seemed longer since I wasn’t in the driver’s seat. Even at busy junctions, two-wheeler riders made every attempt to wait in the shadow of some tree. And that added to the heat of my travel!
Some were taking it easy and driving as if they were on a moonlight ride. When the auto was hardly moving, I felt I was perhaps the only person who wanted to move faster. Those in a bid to move briskly to save themselves from the heat even added to the chaos making my ride still longer. In short, it all happened exactly opposite to what I had hoped for! The drive turned out longer, hotter and more exhausting!!
I resolved to stick to my routine no matter what others thought, as the deviation had cost me dear. It reminded me of an experiment conducted by budding psychiatrists on a professor. The group instructed all the family members and colleagues of the professor to tell him that he looked unwell. The gentleman, who was actually fit, almost collapsed in the evening believing what others said about his ‘sickness’ all through the day!
At times, when a fact is emphasised a bit too much, one may come to believe what others say could be true. Nothing wrong in going for an exception or opting for a deviation if you feel it’s okay. In no way does it reflect on your determination. Innocently believing in others sometimes means the child in you is alive. An odd deviation may bring you a lot of freshness. 


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