Fast facts

All of a sudden, I felt like putting my diet chart on the fast-track and it was amazing; not the diet but the track. It was the nine-day fast I observed during Navratri. Let me clear a couple of things at the outset. I am not ‘religious’ in typical sense of the term, hence there is no ‘devotional’ ground to it. I also do not subscribe to traditional ‘fast food’ as I believe they defeat the very purpose. Secondly, it was not influenced by our PM Modi’s fast that rocked as much as his US visit did! I had been contemplating for a longer period to restrict my diet to veggies and fruits and Navratri fit the bill. A good family doctor gave me a clean bill of health post-fast and that put on some ‘fat’ to compensate the little I had cut down on. Forget shedding off pounds, what this experience taught me is there is more to fast than fad diets, weight loss and zero-figure.
Fit-and-fine figure has never been my dream (I am far from it even it were!). I am an average professional in the backstage team. Hence, slim and trim look is neither the demand of my profession nor is it my investment. Yet, let me admit, my sudden bout of lifestyle management and weight loss made me ‘advisor’ to many dreamers who perhaps didn’t want to spend (!) on professional health and nutrition counseling. It suddenly made me a ‘health ambassador’ and the very thought of the fast lifted me to the seventh heaven. However, the actual experience not only kept me firm on the ground but thanks, it took me far from the madding crowd of fanatic fitness freaks.
The fast began with a bang and I restricted my intake to fruits and veggies. The idea was to cut down on carbs, fats, chocolates and junk foods. The second day was a little tougher yet I managed to sail. Third day I switched to liquid diet and it was hassle-free. Meanwhile, the news of Modi’s fast hit headlines and I felt like intensifying fast. I cut down on diet a little further and the body cooperated. My activities were normal and so was my exercise. Of course, at times, I had to control temptations at office like chips and yummy cakes. In the end, the fast became a matter of fact. I started liking it by the time nine days had flied off.
I felt tremendously light and flexible. Sleep was calmer and mornings were happier. The question remained, should I carry on a little further because I started liking or it had to end as it could have done more damage than the good in a longer run. I didn’t relish delicacies on ending it like I did earlier. What effect did the fats yield on my body is immaterial. What counts is the subtle link that food has on our mind which I could fortunately find.  A compulsive eater is as much obsessed with food as much a phoebic non-eater is. Too many diet don’ts, too, don’t make us healthier.
It is true that our physiques, healthiness quotient and mental fitness are determined by diet. It matters only when diet habits become intrinsic or spontaneous and manipulated. There are no dietary does and don’ts except the food for thought…


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