Good things come…

Patience is the best virtue, they say. Huh, not always we can be patient enough to praise the value of patience. Moments come when want things spot on. But...
Things will not always move the way we want them to! Each of us knows this. Hence, what’s the point in me telling you this, right? Well I don’t even tell it to myself, therefore the possibility of telling it to any of you is ruled out. Everyone must be reacting differently when it happens but waiting for opportune moment is easier said than done. Whatever happens happens for the good is another refrain that greets us every now and then and we really don’t want to entertain when we are really down.
It could be observed in many walks of life right from planning an outing or taking key decisions like careers, business ventures, wedding or major purchases like house or car.
Once in winter, I was tempted to have an ice-cream. I was already suffering from cold and my conscience knew ice-cream would have worsened the matter. Yet, I headed to an ice-cream parlor and found it shut. Yes I was a little put off that moment but it surely wasn’t the right time.
One of my cousins wanted a bike when he entered college but his father refused to oblige. He was throwing tantrums then. However, a few years later when he booked the bike from his first salary, he not only cherished the moment but thanked his father for the tough call he had taken.
To each of us, it happens often. Many in my friend circles and relation get fed up of ‘waiting to get married’ status. How much marriage can make one happy is another story but whenever the match was fixed, they would realise the ‘wait’ was worth it. To quote another example, many women get impatient during the last few days of their pregnancy as the wait for delivery gets impossible. As I have gone through that phase, to me, that ‘wait’ is understandable. Nevertheless, irrespective of mothers’ feeling, the time is right when the babies are born and not when mothers want them to.
To me, this birthing process of nature was a wonderful learning curve. We cannot hasten time nor can we delay it. Right time comes when we are ripe. All this triggered a chain of thought when a random thought stuck me, yoga should have happened to me much earlier. After delving a little deeper, I know it has happened at the time when I am ready for it. Had it happened earlier, I might not have been in a position to understand its nuances.
We may not realise but everything is interlinked. Chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Maybe, that waiting period is making us stronger for the opportune moment.
Well I don’t claim to have become patient but when things start looking difficult I know tables will turn till I connect the loose ends.
-          KanChan


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