A small sip

Sheer look can get you hooked! Though it holds true everywhere, we are talking about nicely displayed delectable delicacies. Mouthwatering dishes tempt you and it’s a temptation you would barley want to resist. Otherwise, why would Oscar Wilde say, ‘I can resist everything except temptation’? Of course, there are a few folks who are trying to resist everything in the enlightening enterprise called control. Thus, those who have exercised such control or mustered a greater courage of not surrendering to temptations will not be lured.
More than exercising control, I am more into the natural side of the matter. Food temptation, especially dessert, comes intrinsically to me and any resistance is naturally ruled out. My love for ‘healthy’ food provides a thoughtful junk to chew along with its nutrients. Of late, my affair with smoothies lasted a little longer; rather it simply refused to die down.
Smoothies! Connoisseurs know what I am talking about. A healthy beverage topped with finely chopped fruits, decorated with nuts, poured in a glamorous glass with a colourful straw. It’s bound to be enticing. I had thought this new found love for smoothies wouldn’t last more than a week. But I found myself as enthusiastic at the end of two weeks as I was on the very first day.
Yes, smoothie days were picture perfect! Veggies, fruits, toppings, everything was meticulously planned a day in advance. I would get up a few minutes earlier. Yes, sugar, yogurt and cream were kept at arm’s length as it was a health drink. I religiously made flavoursome drink and carried it to office without fail. Appreciation from colleagues and more seekers for the recipe spiced up every sip.
Yes, I must confess. I never carried it in an opaque container. Rather, I flaunted limpid coated glass that really beautified the beverage. One day, the smoothie really didn’t taste good yet many compliments poured in as it looked impeccably enchanting. The awkwardness was brewing in the mind much longer after the smoothie was over.
Perhaps, I loved the display and the process more than everything. After all, with green veggies, it doesn’t taste as tempting as it looks. The line between what is seen and what it actually is was suddenly clearer.  
Next day, too, I carried smoothie. I had crushed childish love for display in blender and poured it in an opaque glass. I was much more transparent.  


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