I am nice person…

Am I a nice person? Oh, each of us is trying to be one. Let me tell you I decided to be one. After all, it was just a matter of decision. Of course, each of you, who knows me directly, is entitled to one’s own opinion. According to me, I had become a nice, ‘balanced’ and a level-headed (?) person!

It might have taken some time for others to understand that degree of ‘transition’ in me yet it was evident. I didn’t throw tantrums. I never raised my voice out of anger. My voice pitch is naturally high, it’s a different story. I was always kind to both all sorts of people, nice and nasty. Yes, I returned nastiness with nicety.

With the sudden change, it was nice to meet a ‘New Me’. That New Me was gentle, as fresh as daisy always. That New Me was smiling even things didn’t go the way she planned. That smile was like a magic wand as they say, smile and the world smiles at you. New Me didn’t blame others. Instead of asking “Have you not understood what I said?” she asked “Am I making myself clear?”

New Me was cool in the scorching heat. In traffic, she wasn’t irked. She wasn’t part of any argument, at home and workplace. In differences of opinions, she adopted an amicable and cordial approach. That Nice me sailed smoothly through everything, pressing times, last-minute deadlines, unexpected bashings and unplanned hiccups.

My three-year-old daughter tested patience, especially, when I wanted to sleep and the baby wanted mother to wake-up for inane things.  New Me dealt with tiny toddler and grown-up children with a lot of poise. There were no major issues as nicety nipped all the troubles into their budding.

And finally, they all said, I had changed. Some asked me, how I managed to be so nice. Some thought nicety wouldn’t last and I would show my ‘true colours’. My nicety also took those ‘watchers’ in stride. Many asked, how it happened suddenly. I offered long explanations I had read in my philosophical treasure trove.

I had come a long way trying to be a nice person. I finally stopped, reaching the destination and was still waiting for something. I would wait as long as possible till nicety comes to me… 


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