Old Monk in New Bottle

And the mystical monk landed on the shores of the Wiseland, which he had left four decades ago in the pursuit ‘Enlightenment’  
A sea of people had come to receive him… what if ‘atheist’ government had issued orders to ban monasteries and forced many ‘monks’ like him to return to their motherland…
This mystical monk was sure of the ‘grand reception’ in the Wiseland, his motherland…
He had hoisted his sails when the wind was just right…
The monk had harbored the thoughts of offering sermons and discourses to the men of Wiseland as he guessed they would be in the need of ‘Wise words from the mystical man’
He had prepared to talk about Life, God, Spirituality, Relationships, Meditation, Laws, Beauty and Death
‘Wait, hear us out before you speak, said the First Citizen of the Wiseland
‘We have heard a lot of discourses. We know Sermon on the Mountain. We have heard of Vedas and yes, also read the ‘Prophet’ by The Kahlil Gibran’….
‘We are a civilized country. We are literate. We have advanced in science and technology. This Wiseland sports a new look..” the First Citizen continued..
‘Yey we are not devoid of problems,’ The Second Citizen interrupted…
“Yes, we have gone away from nature. Relationships are drifting. Scared to face ourselves, we set out on a world tour and engage us in the activities to run away from ourselves… We cannot live in the present, glorify past and survive on hope. ”
The mystical monk was speechless…
‘We are wise to understand monasteries cannot change people so can’t monks and sermons. Our God is created out of our fears…”
“Don’t speak to us of God and Spirituality….”sea of people roared in unison
“The towers of the skyscrapers and temples are deep rooted in their foundations…” The mysterious monk couldn’t help but quote somebody….
“Yes, there you are. Join us to get back to our roots. Come back and let’s find our roots together. As sermons and discourses will not help anymore…” said the young citizen and some sense prevailed…


  1. Very nicely written,true we have gone away from our original self,we stay in a virtual word more than actual . We need to find our roots

  2. Kind of mystical. Not sure who's being glorified and who's denigrated. Pardon me for my foolish analysis.

    1. It's neither. None glorified n looked down upon. Just levelling that holiness..

    2. It is neither. No glorification. Just levelling the holy men with normal ones...


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