Passion pulsates, enthu evaporates

We may not keep them but let’s make resolves seems the New Year refrain. Everybody suddenly appears becoming aware of what’s good for one. Theme of the every second article in newspapers is New Year resolutions. What goes on in people’s minds sounds interesting! Some stick to typical and clichéd resolves while others experiment. Most are enthusiastic and a few are passionate. To me, it’s good time to tell passion from enthusiasm.
Getting-up early is the common-most New Year resolution. How many are likely to see the sun rise on the very first day of the new calendar year? You’ll have to skip either December 31 celebrations or party so hard that you don’t go to bed at all!  Given the easy-going mood prevalent in our society, it’s very unlikely to keep such a resolve still we make it. Some plan to quit smoking and drinking. It’s anybody’s guess how many actually do! Net-addicts decide to reduce time on surfing and social networking. This apart, many buy diaries and planners to welcome a New Year with a bang.
Enthusiasm, by its very nature, doesn’t take long to extinguish. It shouldn’t surprise us if those who resolve to get up early are found sleeping late before January ends. Likewise, no wonder if guys addicted to cigarette or booze are back to business in no time! For many net-lovers, Internet is the oxygen. A few who experiment with resolutions realise that their experiment isn’t really working out. Things are back to square one and everything else is put to rest till the next year approaches.
I too had made some New Year resolves. It began with diary writing and for six months, it was consistent and analytical. I would analyse what had happened in a day and what was scope for improvement. Every good and bad moment went on record. Half the year passed and I felt the exercise was becoming ritualistic. Everyday looked alike. The diary would begin with a customary “It was just another day …”. Nine months on, it had little analysis and appeared more of a chore. Now, this was not how I wanted it to be. Many times I felt I was just writing but not acting enough. Eventually, it stopped. Till I was passionate about diary writing, I was convinced that it was such a wonderful thing. Here I admit I wasn’t consistent enough and ran out of passion…
It’s indeed tough to keep us motivated all the while. That’s the reason why we revere the likes Sachin Tendulkar who has kept the passion alive for over 22 long years. Before every match, he still has a similar kind of excitement that he had on his debut. No matter what hectic schedules, he is at the practice sessions every morning. Fan following is still huge after two decades for all the three Khans in Bollywood. Kareena looks the same as she did 10 years ago. Hema Malini can still dance with same exuberance. Despite achieving every conceivable feat in music, Latadidi doesn’t miss her riyaz.
Resolves may be a matter of decision but it takes quite something to keep them. Everything loses life when it becomes a ritual. That’s the key to tell passion from enthusiasm. Passion is life.



  1. Good. Nice to capture hues of life through blog and I love reading them!


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