A penny for their perception!

Money saved is money earned! This adage is often used as per convenience. Some stingy folks do not spend at all! Importance of saving money cannot be ruled out yet you must hear it from these creatures who are trying save every penny at the expense of their privacy. After all, for them, what all counts is penny and not solitude, right?
Such souls never fail to surprise you. The other day, after reaching home at 10.30 pm, I was just about to hit the bed when the phone rang. Must be some emergency call, I said to myself as I saw an unknown number flashing. Of all the people, it was a newly-wed acquaintance who had come to Pune and wanted to introduce his wife to me. “Let us catch up at (Sujata) Mastani,” he said.
Oh, this time? A recently married man must be with his mastani!! I decided to oblige. On meeting, I expected him to introduce me to his wife. But this man voiced his post-marriage mission. “Tomorrow, we are going to Panchgani. Good na?” From somewhere near Pune to Panchgani? God save the money-saver!! Probably mastani, instead of some upmarket place, had to do with this attitude, I felt. The shop was about to roll shutters down and his wife (a wise lady) rushed to place the order. And our friend was concerned about the tariff! I was sure he would zero in on the lowest number on the right side of the menu card.  “I will have a small glass and so ’ll my wife as we are coughing. Would you like to have a big one?” This question thrown at me, I started coughing…
During the course of conversation, I learnt he had put up at a relative’s place in Pune. A man on honeymoon at kin’s place! Lesser said the better. I said a goodbye feeling for the plight of the poor wife!
This reminded me of the story of a Jew who had gone on honeymoon to Switzerland where he happened to meet a group of friends who enquired about his wife. “I came alone as she has already seen this place!”
Saving the money is fine but at the cost of what? In this business of counting every penny, these people tend to forget that others might like to protect their privacy. My friend’s mother is one such interesting character. She has a vehicle but she travels in a public transport if she’s alone. Not that she can’t drive but her calculation says one should take a vehicle out only in case of full occupancy! If it’s a car, there have to be five people minimum and two on a bike. She doesn’t have any specific plans for outings. What’s more intriguing is her plan hinges on vehicular capacity. Every time, when she hears of a person or a couple going outstation, she barges into the car. The woman doesn’t even spare her son when he goes for an outing with his wife. “Oh! Only two of you? I’ll also come.” She drove me mad once when she insisted to come with me to Mumbai. It was an official assignment and I was hiring a cab. “Alone in the car? I will give you company.” The woman was uncalled for on professional work and on top of it, I was perfectly happy in my own company. How I wish she met someone who could be brutally blunt!
Judicious people wouldn’t mind spending a few extra bucks for their privacy. Everyone is free to have one’s own concept of privacy and spend accordingly. Sadly, about stingy personalities, it’s nothing to do with spending capacity but with their vague notions. Still, no sweat about them compromising on their privacy to save every penny but it’s worse when they tend to think that every next person is like them!


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