See your reflection!!!

I was happy to get my most favourite dress back. A small blot that had played a spoilsport with my white kurta drove me to my wit’s end. God knows from where the stain came but it just refused to go. What a stubborn spirit! It withstood the strongest and the costliest of the detergents. With ‘heavy’ heart, I accepted that I might not be able to wear it again.
Finally I ran into something, which not only helped the stain vanish but also added shine to my kurta. The magic stuff was bought from a roadside vendor. I generally refrain from roadside shopping but I had resolved to find the stain removers no matter where it dwelt. I got it on a handcart. I didn’t expect it to work but it surprised me.
It was a breaking story among my friends and family. Many started borrowing it from me and everyone wore a smile after using it. One day, I observed a spot in my house. After spending so much on high-end tiles the blot was bothering us. Who would like to spoil the show of a spanking house?
I was reminded of the magic vendor. I went there but couldn’t locate him. A little upset I became as it was almost 6 pm and I was about to leave when I chanced to see him. How relieved I felt! I rushed to him and asked for some stain remover for tiles. He gave me a small bottle assuring it would work. People at my home literally started advertising it like a brand and relatives started borrowing the bottle again.
I told the vendor’s address to many people but to my surprise, none of them could find him. Believe me, he was nowhere to be seen when I accompanied them. It became more of a superstition that he would only meet me when I went alone.
Now, here was problem with utensils and I went to him. I didn’t have to wait as I had known that he came at 6 pm. I reached in time and bought as many stain-removers as he had; for attires, tiles, utensils, glasses, crockery, wooden furniture, leather, cane sofas and what not. I returned heavier with 25 small bottles. Our family had become a cleanliness adviser. Calls and people poured in asking for stain removers.
The stock sufficed us for a good two years. I was reminded of the vendor again when I noticed a stain on my favourite white dress. All our bottles empty, I decided to replenish the stock. I had no idea if he was still selling them. I reached the spot sharp at 6 pm and lo! He wasn’t there. I waited for more than an hour, but in vain. I must admit I was terribly upset. What if I don’t locate him? How to lead a strain-free life without him?
Not the one to give up, I kept on looking for him and spotted him one evening selling mirrors. He identified me even after two years and before I asked, he said he had stopped selling stain-removers. I told him that I needed some solution again and seeing how restless I had become, he said this time he could give me a solid solution. “I knew you would come to me one day. Your restlessness is not just for stains at the external level but it’s more in mind. No one wants a blot on clothes but what about the mind?” I wondered what he meant.
I got up from my sleep. Was it a dream? Yes it was but seemed a real life story. Oh! Now I get him. He probably wants us to reflect our true self. We need clean mirrors to reflect ourselves. True, mirrors too gather dust and so will mine but I won’t ask for a solution to wipe it clean. The wise vendor really woke me out of my slumber.


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