To you, my friends

‘Who is your best friend?’ The question posed by one of my friends made me a bit inquisitive. I’ve so many friends. When I said I couldn’t name any of them as the best, she didn’t look convinced. According to her, there had to be one.
But yes, people do label friendships as good, better and best. What do they keep in mind while being friends with someone? Do they go analysing? Do they expect something in return? The e-world and social networking seem to have compounded the issue.
I often pull my cousin’s leg, who boasts of having innumerable friends (It’s a different story when the situation demands, none turns up!). Every time we meet, she introduces me to a new face. That face could be a college friend, a tuition friend, a hostel friend and even a friend ‘just like that’! The list doesn’t end here. She has specific friends for specific place and time. Those who accompany her to movies are different than those who join her in eateries. The ones who help in studies are ‘sacred’. Interestingly, of this huge chunk, only studious guys and gals frequent her home. Good idea to keep parents assured that their daughter is in good company. The other day, she introduced me to a facebook friend. I congratulated her on her growing horizon!!
There are facebook or orkut friends who have no role in real life. What’s more intriguing is that real world itself has no binding on such person’s lives, as they seldom live in the actual world. They are on a different plane, always ‘online’ with green lights blinking on PCs, cellphones and tablets; they are eternally connected!!
One more thing I’ve observed when it comes to friends, many term their acquaintances as friends. Some person, you share greetings with or get a little informal with, may not be necessarily a friend.  When an acquaintance is a known personality, people leave no stone unturned to exhibit their ‘thickness’ with the person. Suppose someone happens to know a star, a famous sports personality or a political heavyweight, the person will keep on highlighting the friendship. No doubt, it’s going to pay in some way or the other. Celebrities too know who their real friends are, who will stand solid even when the tide of popularity wanes. After all, there’s no dearth of fair-weather friends. 
Here is a teacher who used to ask a question to his students to make them understand friendship in a better manner. “There are two boys, one bright, who would help you in studies and another, not so talented but will never leave you in any case. Who do you prefer?” The answer is obvious. The teacher effectively gives his message.
Friendship is a quality of heart and not head. How can one have compartments in heart? As we cannot love someone 40 per cent, we can’t be friends with anyone 55 per cent!! You love or you don’t; one is a friend or one isn’t. There is nothing called the best friend and the moment we start categorising, we are bringing head in. 
Think, my friends think…



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