Rescheduling a schedule

How are you placed next week? Not many of us may refer to our diaries to answer it, as we usually know how busy or free we are. Beyond office on weekdays and family and social commitments on weekends, there could be barley anything coming our way. Many might be setting reminders for birthdays and anniversaries, however, in the high-tech era, only a few could be updating their to-do list on Smartphones. What we are up to is a different story but it’s just about the timetable that we are tied to and go by.    
Every day, it’s a race against time for many of us. This is why perhaps we call our schedules hectic. This is the story of a majority of professionals as well as stay-at home people, who set their routine around their busy counterparts. For example, a housewife, too, decides the course of her day as per husband’s shifts or kids’ school timings. Each one has a set routine. That’s not all, some have fixed timetables to follow and they will be in a fix even they deviate from it even a little bit. Of course, those who run short of time and have deadlines to meet must keep their appointments and commitments on record. Appointment registers at professionals like doctors, lawyers, counsellors or high flying officers is just a matter of administration. Nonetheless, for, timetable phobic, going by register is an obsession.
Imagine some people bragging over their schedules they have been following to the T. They are proud that they haven’t missed even a single day of exercise or some religious ritual. Keeping your timings is certainly crucial but over a period of time, it may become a rite. A renowned fitness expert says that there were times when she advised her clients, who had too regular exercise regimes, to take a break. As she puts it, the problem with them wasn’t about sticking to schedules but it was about losing rhythm. By giving them breaks, the fitness expert hit the nail on its head. As body gets used to a particular pattern, fitness freaks are often asked to change their module.
Again, there is different tribe that has no schedules. They can get up, sleep and eat anytime they wish to. Illustrious Marathi author Pu La Deshpande says that for such folks, there never exits ‘today’ in their dictionary. Motivational speaker Shiv Khera often points out an interesting fact in the lives of half of the people on the universe that they really do not know what they are going to do the next week. Besides, daily chores like breakfast, lunch, dinner and office, there is nothing planned or there is not even a remote possibility of anything striking unheralded. 
Following schedules in letter and spirit for years together is no blueprint to success and at the time, haywire routines, too, undoubtedly, cannot fetch any accomplishment. Schedules shouldn’t make us machines as rules are for us and we are not for them. Taking a much-needed break from timetables, we can turn the clock back. Prioritising schedule is not important but scheduling priorities is essential.  There is a thin line between setting and breaking the schedule, yet it’s a completely our call whether to go with the flow or swim against the current.


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