A New Mother’s Version

A New Mother’s Version
I was all the more enthusiastic and energetic when I resumed work after maternity break. Robust energy levels could be a little surprising to the rest as many expected the baby to be an integral and the most happening part of the life. However, I was keen to bounce back to the prenatal activities in-tandem with the little one. I was just trying to brace up to the challenges that new motherhood naturally unfolded trying to match the pace with things I was paced out in the past three months. This ‘remarkable’ enthusiasm may evoke mixed responses with many reacting ‘You can take it easy and need not rush to ‘bounce back.”  Though everyone has different opinions about how early new mothers should resume their prenatal activities, to me it’s absolutely not the question. It’s been over six months a lot of energy was flowing, I am back to routine and yet, I am basking in the glory of new motherhood after another nine months later baby’s birth...
I might be walking into the right direction; nevertheless, I have not approached the destination.  In spite of working in a newspaper, I am connected to the daily dose only on reaching office. Early morning, I have no whatsoever connection with news in any form. To an extent, I am not able to relate to many discussions within collogues, friends and kin for not being in sync with the current affairs. Many assume I might not have watched ongoing seasons of cookery or comedy shows, any telecast. Sports buffs in my circle, too, no more ask me about the current scores as they won’t be surprised if I ask who is playing against whom. My interactions are mostly confined to exchanging greetings and sharing what baby is up to. This is the real picture drawing a striking contrast with energy levels that were flowing six months ago. Listen, nothing has dampened my spirits and the levels are as high as they were six months. Resuming prenatal activities could be a matter of decision and maybe another couple of months...
What I aspire for could be a dream waiting to come true and, the reality can be a little farther from the dream. What connects the dream and the reality is a lot of optimism. The timeframe by when you will get there is not important what counts is the optimism and cheerfulness, which will take us there. And this positivity cannot be brought about suddenly but we have to build it up. I dream banking on the positivity I have been through the entire period of pregnancy and child birth. Before walking ahead, I just take a pause and look at the distance I have covered so far..
I fiercely felt writing about it as I have seen many women giving up their dreams after childhood. Of course, when we talk about success, we are not counting it in material terms, like career and affluence. A housewife and a stay-at-home mother is equally busy and occupied as her working counterparts. Minding home is equally demanding and even rewarding job. The point I want to make is the notion of ‘giving up everything’ that haunts womanhood for the entire life post-maternity. “I was planning to do something but somehow I was too busy with my house and kids. Now kids have moved on and I don’t think it can happen now…” this is what I have heard from many women. Forget about being or not able to do something but many those put on a lot of weight post-maternity are not able to shed it off for years. I believe life can be a lot more encouraging if you make a comeback post maternity without giving yourself the least guilty feeling.
Every woman who is about to get married or contemplating pregnancy or is already a mother, goes through a mixed feelings of anxiety, happiness and a lot of sense of responsibility.  With an aim of sharing the positive experience I had during my phase of pregnancy with expectant mothers and women in general, I would like to bring up A New Mother’s Version. The series of posts will talk about positive pregnancy, prenatal exercises, yoga, effect of mother’s mindset on fetus and busting postnatal fears. Though not from an expert, all you will hear in New Mother’s Version is from the horse’s mouth.



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