Prenatal yoga, a positive mindset and pregnancy A new mother’s version-II

Pregnancy is one of the most delicate times of a woman’s life. It can be utterly positive though a touch of anxiety, stress and even a slight negativity may creep in. ‘Handle with care’ is the mantra a woman has to stick to all nine months. An expectant mother has to be extra careful as her mindset and every physical activity even breath affect the little life in the womb.  Hence, staying positive is necessary for the comprehensive growth of the fetus.
All said and done, we cannot be positive all the time. Changing hormone levels can cause mood swings, nausea, and insomnia to an extent, which may end up physically straining and mentally stressing. Again, keeping an expectant mother happy is equally the responsibility of family, yet,  it all depends on how a woman takes it.  Besides, advices, at times even unsolicited, pour in from every quarter and a carrying lady can be totally lost in the midst a long list of dos and don’ts. Drawing a thin line between listening to your heart and picking up selective suggestions can help her lead a balanced life.
Though I am not a medical or an expert on any parameter, all I would like to assert is it is possible to have an upbeat and stress-free is pregnancy period. Hence, I would just take a stock of things that contribute to it.
Prenatal yoga, exercise and diet:
Yoga needs no introduction.  Prenatal yoga will help woman stay physically active which can help her deliver naturally. It can lessen the nauseating feelings, balance hormone levels keeping thyroid and blood sugar levels moderate. Nine months of yogic exercise prepares body to accommodate the changes taking place during this period.
I am not going to mention names of asanas as they have to be strictly practiced under expert guidance.  Even the specific benefits of yoga can be googled out.  What I would like to share is prenatal yoga keeps us going and fiercely optimistic at the mind level. I had been working until the end of nine months. Pregnancy never took a toll on any of my activities. Some pregnant women shun physical activities. Even a lack of activity can add to the stress of a pregnant woman. Of course, moderation is the key as too much sweating it out can never be encouraged.  To me, yoga has been a true companion and mate all the while that kept me going.
When it comes to diet, many women are fussy. Yes, we cannot rule out temptations, however, that can never be the excuse to filling your tummy to the brim. The modern medical science has proved that eating for two during pregnancy is a myth. It is essential to have a balanced as well as measured diet with a plenty of veggies and fruits. It doesn't mean you deprive yourself from necessary intake and malnourish your child. Remember, your diet has a direct link with your mindset and physical and mental nourishment of the fetus.
A woman’s mindset and receptive fetus: 
This could be one of the most important aspects of pregnancy as life in the womb is being shaped up right from the moment it’s conceived. A fetus is receptive to the world outside. It is very sensitive and that’s the reason an expectant mom has to be very cautious that she doesn't pass on any stress in any form.
We cannot be always be stress-free, yet extra stress levels in pregnancy is like crossing the Rubicon as it can do some irreparable damage to the little life in the womb.  The very idea of staying stress-free can be taxing. Instead of looking it as a challenge, an expectant woman can embark on the opportunity to inculcate a lot of positivism and optimism to the life that is springing in. Prenatal education classes are booming nowadays thrusting upon culturing a fetus. Some methods have also been mentioned in ancient Indian texts.  The bottomline is awareness about the impact of mother’s mindset and environment outside the womb on the fetus.  To me, it’s not the matter of culturing a fetus but if we shape ourselves properly, fetuses get shaped properly on their own. 
In short, buoyant mindset in pregnancy will make a little life physically, intellectually and mentally fit. Your positivism as a pregnant woman is of ultimate importance and a healthy fetus happens to be a byproduct. Though a fetus is deeply connected with mother, she just happens to be a cause and not a doer; this is what the most intriguing part of motherhood!  Fiercely positive pregnancy makes way to a cheerful postnatal period as a happy mother can instantly connect to the baby.
The last part of the series will dwell on postnatal aspect and bouncing back. As a new mother, don’t just shed the flab but all inhibitions…



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