A conductor and a Facebook post

During a friendly banter with a friend recently, we burst into a laugh sharing a childhood memory. We used to occasionally take state transport buses for school and travel around. A few buses wouldn’t have conductors as tickets were pre-issued. We were typically reluctant to take a bus without a conductor fearing; what if the driver doesn’t halt the bus at the point we needed to get down. My fear for the conductor-less bus refused to wane for a couple of years into my schooling. For us, a conductor was the only ‘wise man’ who would step in in case there were heated arguments among people, a common occurrence.
We, as a society too, look upon someone to take guard for us, don’t we?
Meanwhile, more and more buses became conductor-less as the means of transport evolved and my fear evaporated by itself…
For more than two decades, this bus without a conductor was out of my mind.  Now call it a far-fetched simile but a few Facebook posts reminded me of that bus again; only laughter replaced the fear.
Facebook had emerged as ‘that someone’ to takes guard!
A few recent Facebook posts that promised to assess one’s personality, loyalty levels, nature and philosophy often put forth amusing results. Out of curiosity, I also tried a couple of them. A test said, ‘You are the most beautiful person on the land’ while the other, “You are 90 per cent loyal to your friends and kind.” Yet another test said, “Your courage is God’s gift to you” whereas still another said, “Record! You have the most popular headline in the world! That makes you a superstar”. One can’t help but laughing the results off. It is non-congnisable yet some do take it to their hearts.
I wasn’t sure what criterion was used for personality analysis but it makes buzz.
You may wonder; what’s the connection between such a Facebook post and a conductor?
A conductor gave a sense of assurance of smooth transition in the bus.
A good Facebook personality analysis ‘projects’ how worthy you are.
What do you say?



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