Love your life

Hi. How do I look today? Disturbed or fresh? Oh, I know you are too engrossed with yourself and hardly have any time to look at me. I would request you to spend a few moments.                                    
Thus, I asked you how do I look? Well there's much more to me than my appearance. My reactions, tensions, relationships, prejudices, not it's born overnight. It's to do with my childhood, family setup, friends, parents, school... I have my own fears, moments of happiness and yes, confusion.                                   
 I think I can look at my life myself and sort out things clearly. Today, I can trace from where those fears and negativity spring from. I can take bull by its horn and deal with my problems clearly. It's been a really long process. I didn't seek any therapy for it but it just happened.                                 
 Oh, did i talk too much about myself? Well had you been a filmmaker, I would have asked you if you would have made a film on me. But you are an audience. Thus, I would ask, would you like to watch a film based on my life? Don't worry; your answer won't upset me. After all, your story is not very different from me. And our life is worth to be captured on the camera.                                       
 What substance does it take in a story to make a movie? Perhaps, a writer's heart, a lensman's eye, and yes, a freak man's frenzy. Love your life. Dear zindagi


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