A wedding

A wedding… not a monsoon wedding and not necessarily a summer or a winter one. It is the ‘season of weddings’ and you know, it is just a reason! Everyone is activated. Close kin are on their toes. They have to play hosts. Distant kin, too, are charged up as they have to lot display to their hosts. Everyone is busy. There are so many things to do, book tickets, get your dresses ready, send across invitation cards, buy gifts, living arrangements, accommodation, entertainment… wedding is just a reason….

Gorgeous women and handsome men, dressed in the traditional attire, walk the wedding hall just like the ramp. Kids carry dresses heavier than their own weight! Yes, there is an odd honest kid or two who finds a huge ‘playground’ and forgets everything else. Pleasantries exchanged. Compliments given. Beaming with smiles and teeming with enthusiasm, the venue is abuzz. Wedding is just a reason…

All is settled now. Hosts are heaving a sigh of relief, the affair has started off with flying colours. Guests too have taken stock of who is present and who has missed the occasion. Some have become ‘slim-n-trim’ and winning compliments. Some have added a few pounds and feeling complex. They are all telling how stressed up and tied up they are in their own lives and still managed to attend the wedding. They little gossip about someone, no ill-will! They appreciate someone, no jealousy too!! They occasionally talk about the groom and the bride, how they match or mismatch!!! Wedding is just a reason…

Weddings, oh, we attend a few of them. A part in each of us is party to all the fervour and frenzy and a part of us takes a literal backseat. The latter part has penetrating sight that sees the men and women behind makeup.
Oh, so most of us are making it up, always. We do it little more for a wedding. We put up with more make-up. It’s okay as wedding is just a reason….


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