Coffee with kindle

Everyone loves to read. Not necessarily important always a book, but newspapers, pamphlets, mobiles, instruction manuals, social networking sites, documents, registers, calendars, plaques, signboards, oh people can read all sorts of things.
Yes, but of late, one thing that kindled my reading habit was Kindle. It was a wonderful technological invention and to me, it was a lifetime library. My bookshelf suddenly wore a deserted look and it didn’t mind it. The kindle filled up the ‘emptiness’ of bookshelf. It was so light-weight and yet held all my treasure-trove. I was happier with the gadget’s slim and trim look and convenience.
A nice casual travel, my kindle and coffee, it was my dream ever since I bought kindle. I wanted to sit at a peaceful sylvan location with a cup of coffee reading my favourite books. Oh, even a quiet coffee shop was fine as no bountiful beach locale was in sight.
And finally, I happened to travel to Mumbai on work. Beyond working hours, it was going to be my kindle and me for two entire days. Well, in two days, I read two long pages…when I boarded early morning bus, this early morning look of the city, early morning walks, deserted roads and small ATM queues acquired the first half of my travel. After hitting the Expressway, I kept guessing the landmarks I knew in the hazy and blurred atmosphere. The bus had already reached Mumbai before I could open my kindle.  The city with its pace didn’t allow those quiet moments as I felt I was running though I was sitting in a moving bus. 
After finishing off work, I sat quietly in the courtyard of the mall. It was sparsely crowded. Oh, still nip was in the air as it was Christmas ready and all kids rushed up to catch the glimpse of a decorated charismas tree and Santa. The queue for selfie with Santa was bigger than the ATM queue! I didn’t read in the morning as the city was abuzz and rushed up and it intrigued me. I didn’t read in the evening as the same city was enjoying the luxury of quietude and it intrigued me too.
The next day early morning, the room with a view did have much to offer than my kindle books. In the evening, on the return journey, when I boarded bus, I held kindle tightly and smiled. This time, me and my kindle were on the same page. I had a window seat!


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