Happy Valentine's Day

My dear valentine…these three words attract as much attention as other three letters, I love you…everyone wonders who’s someone special to that someone? If the man or woman is married, oh, then curiosity is heightened. If it’s not better half, who is it, dear valentine? Eyebrows are raised when such words come to the virtual public places like social networking, blogs…
Thus, there is a lot of clamour and glamor around Valentine’s Day. Swanky celebrations greet us everywhere with love amiss albeit! Love, that four-lettered word has so much attached to it. Sweet memories, sentiments, sensitivity, yes, and also heartbreaks, betrayal, perhaps, bitterness and what not? Some learn their lessons and move on while many have love tooth in the head.
Man loves being loved. Who likes to love really is another story. More than loving the other, we end up loving the image of lover we have in our mind. The renouncers, renounce that laborious love for the love of the God as if He is allergic to love. Some denounce, some renounce, some announce, it depends on the each person’s experience of love…
We are all traders, in religion and also in love. How much we love depends on how much we get that in return. When our heavy investment of love doesn’t fetch us expected returns, our calculations go haywire…thus we share love hate relationship with love…love comes with conditions apply with love me love my dog being foremost of them…
And love has so
many forms friendly love, brotherly love, motherly love and there is love to so many, to friends, relatives, to society, downtrodden and to God. Does love have vibrant hues and myriad moods? It may not have its own colour and all colours belong to love.
What’s love is to do with Valentine’s Day? Perhaps nothing.  Love is love where labour isn’t lost. Love has nothing to do with other, not even yourself.  Love for love’s sake.
Happy Valentine ’s Day!


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