What’s in the bag?

Practical makes man perfect! Lesser said the better on what theory does to men!! Yes, and it is hilarious when a high degree of theory is applied in ‘trivial’ experience. Yes, you win half the battle when you scale down enormity by calling it ‘trivial’. This is how it began for me when I lost a bag in a cab during my recent outstation family visit. First things first, no wallet, money or important documents lost. Thus, I didn’t understand the gravity of the lost bag. It was a busy day with me visiting my dear ones with my little daughter. Yes, it was a bagful of things, some gifts, some food stuff, clothes, my charger… At my cousin’s place, after settling down, I told her little son, see what I have brought for you…Alas, this was the point I noticed I had probably left the bag in the cab.
Of course, we had a prolonged discussion, someone suggested to give it a try if I could spot the cab downstairs, as there were ‘some good cab drivers’ too would return forgotten things. While others were mourning the loss, I decided to move on and not carry the baggage of the lost bag anymore. Yes, it altered my plan with a bit of inconvenience of buying the stuff again as damage control. While offering those alternative gifts, I told my sob story at each and every household; how I lost my bag…
In spite of the loss, I was perfectly normal as theory had already ‘taught’ me the things I lost didn’t belong to me and stuff. Yes, some felt sad for me leaving the bag behind while others were surprised how I could be so normal. One my aunts asked, “How can you be so cool while telling about it?” I counter questioned, “What is so critical to get worked about?”
Yes, they said a lot about the bag and about me too. Some called me unmindful, a few suggested me to be more careful but fewer appreciated me for being balanced.
I couldn’t help but laugh. I knew I was neither casual nor irresponsible nor balanced or imbalanced. The lost bag had nothing to do with my nature. All I knew is I left it in cab somehow.
I wanted others to look at things as a matter of fact. I also philosophised the matter saying I owed someone’s dues. When somebody advised me to be ‘careful’ next time, I had bagged the courage to explain, “It can happen if it has to. Yes, careful we must be still…”
Here was the climax. An aunt told me she was unable to sleep the whole night thinking of the ‘lost bag’.  Hope the forgotten bag leaves a bagful of wisdom…



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