God helps those who help themselves, they say. There are some people who not only help themselves but help others more. Yes, these souls are as entertaining as characters in a fiction, if not more. 
They arrest attention by selflessly working for others expecting a mere thank-you in return. These are not people but a tendency that greets us in every walk of life. Initially, I would think of them as people who love to help. I used to wonder why they always walked that extra mile to lend a helping hand when they were not getting benefitted. As I observed them closely, interesting facets of this ilk started surfacing.
This lot simply loves to help never saying a no! What’s more intriguing is you needn’t approach them always; on their own they will ask if you want anything.  They will always be forthcoming to help just for that thank-you. This peculiar character trait is dominant, inherent and obvious at every stage. No wonder they cut across age groups.
In schools, these guys usually bespectacled — maintain records and lists for teachers and facilitate classmates with notes. Other kids play whereas these good boys or girls go arranging sports kits! When it comes to approaching a class teacher for something, they speak for everyone. In picnics, they are busy making others comfortable. Come exams, and they are ready with notes to share with one and all. That’s not all. When their friends while time away, they finish their homework. Why do they do this? Well, because they are born to do it!!
At college, they make important friends. A group plans to go to a movie in the evening. Some mate of this type gets up early morning and rushes to book advance tickets. When I was living in a hostel as a student, I had seen girls befriending these ‘cool’ guys as they would be of great help. These girls never had to bother about public transport. Their pick-up and drop was always ready! Any place, any time, the cool friends would be there to ferry them. Trust me, I am not exaggerating, many girls saw in them housekeepers who would never say no to work.
In classes, these folks compile data for everyone, keep everyone informed about an exam or a seminar, help some finish and submit assignments et al. Of course, most of the times, these guys or girls are not boyfriends or girlfriends but just good friends.
At workplaces, who wouldn’t like to have people who are more loyal than the king? In fact, offices are the places where helpful souls are most welcome. Make a sweet request, handover work to them and rest assured. Just say thanks and reiterate how amiable they are and they are in the seventh heaven! Next time, assign them work and they wouldn’t let you down!!
This tendency accompanies people more in the middle and the old age. They never go to pay their bills alone but take others’ bills along. If they are going to visit a government office or a market, they ask every person in the vicinity about their things. They are the points of contacts for anything and everything, right from making reservations, arranging tours and organising ceremonies. Be it power failure or water shortage, they keep you posted. They coordinate, facilitate and are aware of every small detail. Dealing with them, you needn’t worry as they are not given to irregularities.   
They are the ASK ME of the world where everything is just a phone-call away. They are facilitators, coordinators and what not. Sometimes I feel people are using them. As I observe carefully, I understand that there’s nothing wrong with people using these ASK MEs as they love to be ‘used’ that way. And yes, don’t fail to thank them. After all, they say, pay everyone one’s due… 


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