A bird’s eye view

It could fly high and live in its own paradise. Yet catching us unawares, this winged wonder alighted in our home. An eclectic mix of a love-bird and a parrot, this beautiful guest chose to stay a little longer than we expected.  We refused to cage his freedom, and yes, he too, didn’t find an escape route out of the open windows and doors.

Living with a bird could be indeed different! The little birdy made his existence felt with his chirpy little sound.  This was the guest we perhaps loved the most. It found its own space on the bars, ceiling fan, windows and corners of the home. No ego issues, no welcome and no arrangements. The birdy was much more self-sufficient! Happy with a few grains, he ate little…we tried many offerings, yet he stuck to his healthier grain. Though his food was open whole day, he ate only when he was hungry. No indulgence!

Needless to say, he was an early bird who woke up with sunrise. Flying all over the home and playing with caned sofa and a wooden chair; he perfectly found solace with his own work and play. With setting sun, he would retire on a curtain rod. A little shy to begin with, he grew more confident as the days passed by. Usually confined to bedroom window, he gradually spread its wings across the home.

It cleverly protected itself from cats, pigeons and crows. Oh, was the fear factor stopping him from going out and taking flight into infinite skies? Oh, but from infinite skies to confined home, the birdy’s transition was smooth. Confines of the concrete walls didn’t nip the flowering of his life into bud. Rather, the birdy allowed the life to bloom naturally within the self -employed captivities. Amid human civilization, he hadn’t lost his intrinsic abilities.  

As he flew in unheralded, he may fly back as naturally. No sweat, he had imparted the learning of natural living. He did offer a bird’s eye view of his own life and mine too. I am just wondering would that lesson come to me as intrinsically as he did, penetrating the layers of cultivation…. 


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