In the course of learning…

Each of us would love lessons that transcend halls of learning. Nevertheless, we value a piece of paper that awards us degree than ‘life lessons.’ Better we would reserve the next two quarters of life for such learning unlike Oscar Wilde says, “I wasted one-fourth of my life in education learning how to waste the next three-fourth.” Thus, the moment we enroll for a professional course, the sword of rich rewards and job prospects is hanging against our hefty investment. Declaimer: returns and investments are subject to individual perception!

Alas, learning is not possible when so much is at stake, time and monetary investment, scholarships, job prospects, competition, reputed institute, campus interviews…man the list is endless. Those who have bagged the job would enroll for some course for upgradation and learning takes a backseat again…we all know how tough it is to balance this tightrope walk.

As my life wasn’t any different from a Plain Jane whose life was not as aspirational and competitive. Yet, I wasn’t averse to enrolling for a course that would offer some scope for learning sans any competition. Thus, I happily enrolled for a master’s course in yoga, in distance education, needless to say. Through this course, I had nothing to lose as I didn’t set my eyes on any gain. As things got into the groove, I started enjoying it as well. Yes, a typical student lurking in me would sneak during exams and I would not allow that competitive spirit to ruin the ‘learning’ joy.

In the meanwhile, my liking for yoga had to go through the strange admixture of institutionalisation of yoga stream and possible adulteration of its ‘holiness’ that came into its trail. Yes, like many, I, too, passed out with flying colors as after all, the beauty of the colour, too lied in the eyes of a beholder. Of course, I was bombarded with the question what next?  I had no clue what was in the store for future. Some sympathized, “No course is in vain. The course must have taught you something.”

To a few, my import from the yoga course was in question as it they told me it should be either reflected in my profession or behavior. Some suggested me to teach yoga but my only learning interfered with that suggestion, it was, ‘There could be no pedagogy to yoga teaching as yoga can be learnt but can never be taught.’

Yes, yoga required a great degree of unlearning and fortunately, there was no school which would teach it.  Thus, I hope this certificate makes a difference of kind and not of a degree.

Well, there are many vacancies in the school of hard knocks, who wants to apply?
-         KanChan


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